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Motz Nursery of Wisconsin

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!


Black Ice

Zones 3 - 8

11/16" Std

University of Wisconsin River Falls. Very popular and hard to come by! A cross between cherry plums and conventional Japanese dessert plums, Black Ice is exceptionally winter hardy and early ripening, making it a great choice for northern gardeners who want to grow fruit. Compact growth makes it easy to manage. Requires a pollinator (Toka).


Black Ice

Mount Royal

Zone: 4 - 8

11/16" Std

Blue - European Plum. Good eaten off tree. Excellent for dessert, jam and preserves. Tender, juicy flesh. Considered the best blue cultivar in Wisconsin and Minnesota.




Zone 4-7

11/16" Std

Pollinator, Hybrid with large fruit with dark red, russet-dotted skin. Flesh is yellow, juicy, and sweet. Heavy bearing tree lacks hardiness in northern areas. Often sets fruit the first year. Clingstone.



Zones 3 - 8

Std 11/16"

One of the best pollinators. The medium sized fruit has lovely, apricot-colored skin and rich flavored flesh. It is self-pollinating but generally it will bear more fruit if there is another plum nearby. It will usually bear fruit as a young tree. Ripens mid-August.


A note from George:

Plums are the most maddening of all tree fruits to me. But when you bite into a big Pipestone, it is all worthwhile.

With most plums, as they are a hybrid, they have an odd number of chromosomes, (think ‘Mule’), they are sterile, and so they will need a pollinizer.  

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